The Masseuses who offer their services at Tantra-Temptations know perfectly the art of naked massage to ensure total relaxation and letting go. 


In the spotlight :


Léa has that amazing Latina look that many of you love… Tanned skin and a body that can only be described as spectacular.

Léa knows perfectly how to use her sexy and sensual body in the hottest way.

During a Tantra Temptation message, let yourself be transported to paradise by her natural curves.

During a gentle Tie&Tease session, Léa will love to show you what she is capable of when she transforms into a seductive mistress.

Gentlemen, it’s time to let yourself be tempted!

With Léa, you can expect the perfect date that you will remember forever.

Temptress of the month :


Gabriella is a charming and young  temptress who knows how to use her charm to hypnotize all of you.

Her calm and friendly personality will make you live intensely every moment you spend with her during Tantra Temptation massage.

Gabriella will bring out your wildest and darkest fantasies during Tie & Tease or Fifty Shades session.

Gentlemen, do not resist Tantra-Temptations any longer!

Gabriella is the Angel who will guide you to the Paradise of Tantric Pleasures…

The Temptresses :


The Tantra-Temptations team presents Léonie. 


Léonie is a young and sophisticated French beauty. 

With her feminine and sensual curves, a beautiful natural breast, Léonie will make you forget the rest of the world during a body to body massage. 


Very open-minded, Léonie will also be your perfect guide in a world of naughty pleasures. 

During a light (Tie&Tease) or advanced (Fifty Shades) BDSM session, you can succumb to the sensuality that her body exudes. 


Gentlemen, do not resist the Temptation any longer…



We are proud to present to you a legend of the international FemDom, Mistress LINDA.


Mistress LINDA has captivated many of you for years with her authentic journey and lifestyle as a Mistress.


Dear Slave, a meeting with Mistress Linda at Tantra-Temptations will be a revelation!


Her Intelligence, her Beauty and her natural Domination will make you bend…



For those of you who love the real women of this world, Tantra-Temptations presents the gorgeous Jullia.

Straight from Sicily, Julia has a fantastic and delicious physique that will drive you crazy during a Tantra Temptation session (body to body massage).

Jullia is also well experienced in Dark Tantra for lovers of forbidden games or those with a desire for submission.

Yes gentlemen, her beautiful and sensual curves will make your mind bend !

Don’t resist the temptation any longer and book your session with Julia now !


Jenny is a young French beauty, with a slim and slender body.
 Ravishing from all points of view, she exudes finesse and natural charm.
 With a warm smile and a sensual allure, Jenny is passionate about tantric massages.  She will give you the most erotic “Tantra Temptation” massage with her breathtaking body-to-body movements.
 Deeply provocative, she will adore taking on the role of dominatrix allowing you to indulge your deepest and darkest fantasies in a session of 50 Shades of Tantra.
 Whether it’s for a Red or Dark Tantra, you will certainly be delighted by Jenny and her sensual talents.


With a  beautiful golden brown skin, a pretty firm bottom, delicious rounded breasts, impossible to resist this Black Pearl.
 Perla offers Tantric experiences from red to black, dynamically alternating between the gentle kitten and the indomitable panther.
 Indeed, Perla likes to lavish true affection on you during our signature “Tantra Tentation” massage.
 But she will also be delighted to make your darkest fantasies come true during a “50 Shades” session.
 Whether you are looking for a loving and tender love experience or something more kinky and raunchy, Perla loves to satisfy you.
 Gentlemen, it’s time to give in to Temptation to spend a moment of well-being with Perla.



Emma (her little name for Emmanuella) is a gorgeous beauty who loves to have fun. She has a gorgeous, toned and slim body. She is not only beautiful, but has incredible tantra skills.

Emma knows all the secrets to give a sensually unique Tantra-Temptation massage!

In a 50 Shades session, be ready to unleash your darkest fantasies and feel chills all around your body.

Do not resist the temptation anymore!

it’s time to abandon yourself to the magic hands of our sublime Emma!



We are delighted to introduce you to our Sparkling Star : Beyoncé !

Beyoncé is our most seductive Temptress. She is a sophisticated woman with a beautiful breast and perfect butt.

Deeply feminine, you will be seduced by her sensual curves. During the Tantra Body-to-body massage you may live an unforgettable face sitting experience and more…

Playful by nature, Beyoncé loves naughty role-playing games. In a Dark Tantra session she offers prostate massage, bandage games, torture, spanking and more…

Being dominated or cajoled by a woman like Beyoncé is one of those experiences that every gentleman dreams of.

So now it’s time to let yourself have an unforgettable experience with our most famous temptress !


Selma is a beautiful brunette, a sublime Temptress who has the charm, the seductive appeal of a mature and experienced woman.
 With a Mediterranean heritage, a body with warm curves and sensual  caresses, Selma will make you sway on orgasmic waves…
 Selma’s love of pleasing her clients is clearly communicated in her natural ability to deliver the most erotic Red Tantra and most unforgettable Dark Tantra experiences. 
She offers body to body massages, prostate massages, bondage, spanking and role playing… Gentlemen, if you are passionate about oriental eroticism mixed with naughty games, Selma will be your beloved Temptress.


Queen of the Caribbean, Chanel is the balance between the exoticism of hot countries and European elegance. 

A delicious body, a precious personality.

A divine Lingam & Yoni massage, both classic in the rules of the art, and at the same time terribly erotic. 

During her Tantra Temptation massage (body to body), the temparature gently rises to a climax in an extremely well done finish.

Lovers of more naughty pleasures, you will lose control by letting her explore your submissive side during the “50 Shades Of Tantra” session…



Lina is exclusive at Tantra-Temptations! She is a beautiful doll, very sexy and very seductive, with an exotic look thanks to her half-Brazilian and half-European heritage. 

This young woman, with soft and delicious curves, is passionate about Tantric Massage in all its colors!

Lina will make you discover the ultimate experience of a body and sensual massage with our popular massage “Tantra Temptation”

Smart and fun, Lina is able to incorporate many different and interesting types of techniques into “50 Shades Of Tantra” session.

Don’t resist Temptations anymore!

It’s time to relax in the hands of Lina our beautifull Temptress…

 Don't resist your Temptations...

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