The Masseuses who offer their services at Tantra-Temptations know perfectly the art of naked massage to ensure total relaxation and letting go. 

Temptation Girls available today :


Chloé is a sweet, pleasant and remarkable young woman in many ways. Her positive energy will immediately put you at ease. 

 She is also an experienced masseuse with a very particular desire to bring you true relaxation…. 

And she knows exactly what men need :

With her soft and gentle touch, she will pamper every inch of your body.

With her beautiful and sexy curves, she will stimulate all your senses.

With Chloé, each Red Tantra massage Lingam or body-to-body is a pleasant journey of pleasure.

Gentlemen, do not hesitate any longer!  The time has come for you to live the most erotic tantric experience with Chloe.


Estelle is our French-British Temptress. 

This delightfull lady is an authentic Tantric Masseuse who is well  intelligent and love to pampered gentlemen!

With her beautiful and natural curvaceous feminine body, she will be sure to release all your tensions during our signature massage “Tantra Temptation”

She can also incorporate some “Tie and Tease” in her massage for those who like to experiment Dark Tantra…

Don’t resist Temptation! 



Lina is exclusive at Tantra-Temptations! She is a beautiful doll, very sexy and very seductive, with an exotic look thanks to her half-Brazilian and half-European heritage. 

This young woman, with soft and delicious curves, is passionate about Tantric Massage in all its colors!

Lina will make you discover the ultimate experience of a body and sensual massage with our popular massage “Tantra Temptation”

Smart and fun, Lina is able to incorporate many different and interesting types of techniques into “50 Shades Of Tantra” session.

Don’t resist Temptations anymore!

It’s time to relax in the hands of Lina our beautifull Temptress…


She is a highly recommended lady who really loves what she does and exudes a radiant and vibrant positive energy.

A meeting with Rhia will leave you not only smiling, but refreseh and stress-free.

Rhia has 6 years of experience as tantra Lingam. Thanks to this many years of experience in Tantra, Ria knows all the secret to offer a sensual unique Tantric massage! 

She can incorporate Tie and Tease into your massage for an exeptional tantric session of teasing if you wish… 

So get rid of Temptation now! 

It’s time to abandon yourself to the highly skilled, erotic and magical hands of our sublime Rhia


Come to meet Sara our busty beauty!

Sara takes pride to offer superior and exclusive Tantric Massages. Her sensual, calm personality radiates pure relaxation and she connects with clients whatever they are new or experienced.

Sara is extremely sensual and erotic.  With her exquite body-to-body she will blow your mind during our signature ” Tantra Temptation” massage.

She has a delicious creative nature and can infuse her massages sessions with elements of Domination – another of her passion!

Stop resisting Temptations and let this temptress take you on a whirlwind of pleasures…

Sara shares her secret haven of pleasure with Amber and both love to give a 4 hands massage together.


Passionate about the sensual art of Tantra, Eliza knows perfectly how to pamper and tease every sqaure inch of your body using her beautiful feminine curves for our special ” Tantra Temptation” body massage.

Two years of experience in traditional massage, soft nature, silky skin, magnificent body, with Eliza you will want more and more.

Very open-minded, friendly and warm, Eliza assures her clients complete satisfaction. 

She has a wonderful and gentle touch of hand care that will take you on the journey of unforgettable Tantric pleasure!

Don’t miss the chance to live an exeptional experience with one of our most irresistible Temptress…


Amber is a very sublime and teasing temptress. She has a warm  personality and very attractive smile.

Her friendly nature instantly puts you at ease. 

Her seductive warmth and sexy body combined with a sensual touch will take you on the path of intense relaxation during our special “Tantra Temptation” masssage.

If you want more fun, Amber offers erotic “Tie & Tease” massage or “50 Shades” session for advanced level submissive gentlemen.

A tantric experience with Amber will allow you to reach a new dimension of pleasures. No longer resist temptations and book your massage now.


We are pleased to present to you this very open-minded and delightful Lady Athena! She has a beautiful body with feminine curves that will make you crave more.

Athena has mastered a range of therapies from Lingam to body-to-body. She is passionate about providing the ultimate sensual massage “Tantra-Temptation”.

If you are looking for darker pleasures, come succumb to Athena’s Divin Charm during a “50 Shades” session.

Yes, Athena is truly a passionate Goddess!

Gentlemen, it’s time to let yourself carry away to heaven.



If you are looking for an OUT of Ordinary Massage, Alexia is the best Temptress! She promises you a most magical moment!

Her calm and friendly personality will make you live every moment you spend with her intensely.

She likes to take the time to show you new horizons. And she will gently expose your wildest fantasies during a Tie & Tease or 50 Shades session.

With Alexia, you will discover a univers of well-being and deep relaxation like never before.

Don’t resist Temptation! 

It’s time to break free and allow yourself to have the most sensational massage of your life!


We are delighted to welcome back our smoking hot Romanian  Lady Laury, whose fast becoming one of our popular Temptress!

Slim, tall, elegant, Laury is indisputably and naturally a true beauty. 

Friendly, sexy, lovely,  she is full of positive energy.

With passion for the sensual Art of Tantra and a real enjoyment for a sensual body-to-body massage, Laury provides very sexy and hot sessions of Red Tantra which is sure to leave your all body relaxed.

So don’t wait any longer to book a massage with Laury!



Temptation Girls available on other days :


Melissa is a woman of undeniable beauty. She has a great personality, a great sense of humor and sh’es full of feminine energy. Truly a Jewel Girl!

She’s got a body to drive you crazy. Be carefull not to be addicted! We warned you….

Specialised in Red Tantra, her sensual body to body massage is a complete  stress relief. 

A massage with Melissa will leave you 100% satisfied and 200% happy!

So it’s time to let go,  to let yourself be swirled with happiness by Melissa’s body heat.



Queen of the Caribbean, Chanel is the balance between the exoticism of hot countries and European elegance. 

A delicious body, a precious personality.

A divine Lingam & Yoni massage, both classic in the rules of the art, and at the same time terribly erotic. 

During her Tantra Temptation massage (body to body), the temparature gently rises to a climax in an extremely well done finish.

Lovers of more naughty pleasures, you will lose control by letting her explore your submissive side during the “50 Shades Of Tantra” session…



With a superb beautiful breast in the shape of B cup, long slender legs, and spendid buttoks… Zoé is beathtaking!

She could parade on catwalk all over the world… Fortunatly for us, and even more fortunate for you, she is in Brussels!

Sophisticated and fun, Zoé has an angelic side that wants to pamper you with caresses and sensual  during the “Tantra Temptation”body to body slide massage…

And there is her other side… Her devilish and mischievousside who wants to tie you up and whip you mercilessly during a Dark Tantra session.

Angel or Demon? Is Zoe a Demoniac Angel?

Want the chance to taste one or the other side of Zoé? Or maybe both? So do not resist the temptation anymore and book your massage now.



Samantha exudes the kindness and passion of her Spanish heritage. 

She’s not very tall but her generous breast and famous latin “b….”  will make you fall from above!

She has 4 years of experience in therapeutic and relaxing massage and she is highly recommended for the Tantra Temptation body slide massage. As soon as she lets her feminine curves slide over your body, you will float from happiness… Samantha is the specialist in passionate and sensational erotic body to body massage.

Want to feel like the only man in the world? So don’t miss the chance to spend a unique moment of well-being with Samantha. 


The only way to get rid of a temptation is yield to it…..

I can resist everything exept Temptations….

The only way to get rid of a temptation is yield to it…..

I can resist everything exept Temptations….

 Don't resist your Temptations...