Our Masseuses are highly trained and experienced to perfectly combine Eastern philosophy with Western practices.  They will provide a sensual massage according to your specific desires and preferences.

Red tantra massages

Touch of Tantra Lingam (for him)

Touch of Tantra Ligam is an erotic, sensual massage that is both emotionally and energetically exciting to receive….

The massage Touch of Tantra is practiced on a professional massage table. Using a unique combination of massage techniques (Californian, Thai and Tantric), your entire body will be sensually caressed.  The gentle hands of your Temptress Masseuse will remain in contact with your skin throughout the massage, never breaking the connection between the two of you to give your body the relaxation and pleasure it deserves.

Our Lingam-massage is practiced on a comfortable massage table. During this massage you will feel high erotic peaks and unimaginable sensual pleasure.

Touch of Tantra Lingam is an excellent first choice to discover the world of tantric massage!

Relaxation 85%
Sensuality 78%
Erotic 100%
playfulness 73%

Touch of Tantra Yoni (for her)

Ladies, close your eyes and enter a world of spiritual and sensual well-being.
Touch of tantra Yoni is an ultrasensory massage that will take you to discover your sensuality in a way you have never felt before!
The Touch of Tantra Yoni massage is based on the harmony of therapeutic massage techniques (Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Tantric) combined with the softness of the feminine touch which will release your feminine energies to make them circulate freely and guide you on the path to divine fulfillment.
During the massage, you will be asked to synchronize your breathing with your Masseuse.
Our Touch of Tantra Yoni is more than a massage.  It is a physical and spiritual experience with one of our Captivating Temptresses.  Touch of Tantra Yoni is a ritual of feminine connectivity between two women that transcends you beyond pleasure and  charnel desire !
Relaxation 100%
Sensuality 98%
Erotic 87%
femininity 100%

Tantra temptation

The experience that you are going to have with Tantra Temptation erotic massage will be unlike any other that you have had before and you will want to relive it again and again …
Tantra Temptation is a body-to-body massage where the Temptress Masseuse of your choice will use the sensual curves of her naked body to massage you!
Body-to-body massage has its roots in ancient Japan.  It consists of body sliding movements.  It is a practice that stems from ancient tantric principles that promote physical and psychological health.
This unique massage will help you awaken your senses, relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation in the most pleasant way possible.
Tantra Temptation  massage is one of the most erotic experiences you can imagine!
Relaxation 92%
Sensuality 100%
Erotic 100%
playfulness 88%

Shiva Temptation

 This is a top-of-the-range massage aimed at demanding for men and women in search of the pleasures of life so far out of reach …
Shiva Temptation is a breathtaking erotic massage experience that invigorates mind, body and soul.
During this massage feel the stimulating tantric energy of two Captivating Temptresses Masseuses.  Let you caress each part of your body by two pairs of delicate hands.  
Their fluid and synchronized movements will release all the tensions in your body allowing you to let your mind float in an infinite loop of pleasure.
With the Shiva Temptation massage dare to have an unforgettable experience!
Relaxation 94%
Sensuality 98%
Erotic 100%
playfulness 78%

Dark tantra massages

Tie & tease

Ladies and gentlemen, will you dare to taste the erotic power of being tied up?
With Tie & Tease massage, combine a touch of tantra with a touch of light discipline …
Tie & Tease massage is an erotic, delicious and very sensual domination practice.
During the Tie & Tease massage you will be blindfolded, tied up and gagged in a pleasurable submission as long as you do as you are told!  
Your Tantric Masseuse will take you under her control, controlling and prolonging your pleasures by teasing every part of your body …
With the erotic Tie & Tease massage the thrill is guaranteed !!
Relaxation 80%
Sensuality 96%
Erotic 100%
playfulness 83%

50 shades of Tantra

Tickling?  Stings?  Tortures?
Experience a new type of massage allowing you to surrender to pleasure like never before!
Our 50 shades of Tantra massage is a sensually perverse massage offering a vibrant experience for anyone who wants to live the thrill of BDSM games.
This erotically perverse massage is practiced in our dungeon “Shadow of Passion”.
During the massage you will be able to experiment the pleasures of sensory instruments, enjoy lashes, explore erotic fantasies and fetishes of role-playing games.
Each 50 shades of Tantra massage is tailor-made according to your desires.
50 shades of Tantra is an electrifying experience for the senses that will transport you to places you never dreamed of!
Relaxation 72%
Sensuality 93%
Erotic 100%
playfulness 89%

Supreme Temptation

Are you ready to put your body into submission not by 1 but by 2 Goddesses of Temptation.
With the Supreme Temptation massage, spice up your submission and surrender to the natural authority of 2 Hedonist Temptresses.  
During Supreme Temptation massage you must obey or suffer the consequences!
On the program : total submission, bondage, sensory games …
Supreme Temptation massage let you explore exceptional sensations of letting go by offering you “the experience of ultimate sensation” : sensory deprivation and sensory overload at the same time !!
With the Supreme Temptation massage, push your limits and let yourself be drawn into the world of ultimate pleasure!
Relaxation 69%
Sensuality 98%
Erotic 100%
playfulness 91%

Red Temptations?  Dark Temptations? There are many pleasures that are worth trying ...

 Don't resist your Temptations...

Our massages are not medical massages, nor physiotherapy acts, nor sexual acts. These are wellness massage techniques through physical relaxation and stress-relieving relaxation.

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