Born from a passion for massage, Tantra-Temptations is a wellness center in Brussels, naturist trend, which takes you away from the stress and bustle of the capital.

Discovering Tantra

 Originally, Tantrism is a set of texts, doctrines and rituals, made up of rules, and based on the use of all the positive energies that animate man.  It is therefore a question of rigorous discipline, of work on oneself.  Etymologically, it is the conjunction of two words : tanoti which means expansion and trayati, liberation, which gives the word tantra, “expansion-liberation”.
 Today, then, this could translate into a set of rules aimed at promoting the release of sexual energies, but also sharpening and deepening one’s consciousness using practical techniques.  It is once again linking the body to the spirit or, more accurately here, the spirit to the body.
 At Tantra-temptations the Charming Temptresses devote themselves entirely to taking you further on the royal path of tantra and fulfillment through Red Tantra and Dark Tantra.

Red Tantra

Red Tantrism fascinates contemporary humans because it is about stimulating and awakening the sexual potential in order to free ourselves from suffering and ignorance.
 Unfortunately, sexuality remains a very mysterious territory for many humans, and it is easy to get lost between fantasies and repressions.
 Red Tantra far transcends sexuality and takes you far beyond the simple orgasmic enjoyment. This is not a coital act.  Rather, it is an act of devotion in which we don’t make love, we are love…
 Red tantra combines therapeutic and sensual massage techniques to awaken your sensitivity and arouse your erotic energy …

Dark Tantra

Dark Tantra can be thought of as a “specialized” form of red tantra that takes place in a sacred space.
Dark tantra is a practice that moves in the field of BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism) such as erotic or verbal humiliation, fetishistic submission (feet, shoes, boots, latex, uniform …).
 Dark Tantra is an experience that helps you explore another aspect of your personality.  It is a way to indulge yourself in secret fantasies or to release frustrations of everyday life. With Dark Tantra the idea is to overcome our desires, to accept our dark side, to unlock and move the tantric vital energy through the body.
On a practical level, Dark Tantra is a mixture of BDSM and Tantric massage, thus creating a combination of what is forbidden and wanting that brings you on the path of enjoyment …

Red Tantra? Dark Tantra? There are many pleasures that are worth trying ...

 Don't resist your Temptations...

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